Jul 25, 2007

tdf - stage 16

Wow what a great stage. All the elite riders up there until the end. Leip, Contador, and Rasmussen duking it out untill the end. While Leip and Contador attacked quite a bit it seems Rasmussen was toying with them as he launched in the last 2 km and blew away the other two riders. He adds something like 42 seconds on Contador who, along with everyone else, will have a hell of a time catching up to Rasmussen for the full tour win. He basically has the win in the bag.

The only side note now is that someone tested positive for testosterone after the last stage and it hasn't been announced who. Rasmussen was one person who was tested but there were others. [seems like it's moreni]

Still waiting for the full GC standings to see who is in the top 10 now.

Here it is:

1. RASMUSSEN 76h 15' 15"
2. CONTADOR +03' 10"
3. EVANS +05' 03"
4. LEIPHEIMER +05' 59"
5. SASTRE +09' 12"
6. ZUBELDIA +09' 39"
7. VALVERDE +13' 28"
8. KIRCHEN +14' 46"
9. POPOVYCH +16' 00"
10. SOLER +16' 41"

The other question is who has the polka dot. Soler took most of the major mountain points on the stage but of course Rasmussen got the last one.

Looks like Soler did it:

1. SOLER 206pts
2. RASMUSSEN 196pts
3. CONTADOR 128pts

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