Jul 28, 2007

tdf - stage 19

Well that almost became a Lemond-Fignon finish. Levi, Evans, and Contador all rode the time trials of their career. The end result was no changes in the GC. But getting there was awfully exciting. The final GC standings have Evans 23 seconds behind Contador and Leip 8 more seconds behind Evans. If Leip hadn't been penalized 10 seconds for some slight shenanigans where the team car pushed him along a little too long, he'd have second. But it was Leip's day with an unexpectedly strong performance on the time trial. He beats Evans by 51 seconds and Contador by 2 minutes 18 seconds.

I must say it's nice to have these three guys on the podium. I feel they have all stayed clean and worked hard for their positions this year. Evans has always been a favorite of mine and I couldn't be happier with his performance. Leip I feel could have done better if he attacked more but then I'm guessing he gave it his all. And Contador is definitely a name to watch. Ullrich won the tour at the same age. Let's hope he doesn't self-destruct like Ullrich did.

So Contador will take maillot jaune, Boonen will probably take the verte (although Hunter is only 24 points behind), Soler will take the polka dot, and Contador will of course take the blanc. Discovery will nicely take the team award.

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