Jul 8, 2007

tdf stage 2

Man what a tour this is turning out to be. Another sprint stage today. And 1 km from the end there is a huge crash effectively cutting off most of the peloton from the front of the peloton. I don't know who went down to create the crash or who was hurt seriously in the crash. All I can tell is the maillot jaune, Cancellara, was holding his left arm and wincing.

Most of the sprinters made it through. McEwen couldn't seem to get around the pack during the final sprint. Boonen looked to take the win. But his team mate Steegmans who did a great job leading him in and blocking out others was riding so fast that Boonen couldn't get around him and thus came in 2nd.

Notes from yesterday: Zabriskie came in at 184 yesterday. Something's wrong there.

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