Jul 13, 2007

tdf - stage 6

So it turns out the Versus does not have the rights to stream live video of the Tour. Un-friggin-believable. What year is this? How do we not have live streaming of this Tour in this day and age. Jesus. Charge me for it. What is Versus up to? Do they have indoor plumbing over there?

I saw this odd quote on one of the sites that tracks the tour during this stage
6 km to go, It's not going that well with Vinokourov and Klöden. Klöden vomit during the stage and Vino made the typical sign for it's over

Vino was banged up badly yesterday. Apparently his chain slipped. Hard for me to relate to but I suppose when you are cranking out 100s of Watts that a chain slip can really screw things up. I hear he had stitches on both knees and his elbow. He must be in some pain.

Dave Wiggins rolled out the breakaway today and kept it alive for a while. Ultimately it was the sprinters' day as the peloton caught up at the end. Boonen wins the sprint (Zabel 3rd) and takes the Green Jersey. McEwen was nowhere to be seen. I'm guessing that crash he had just before he won the stage has really banged him up. He would be in the top 10 finishers otherwise.

So Cancellara stays in yellow, Chavanel keeps his polka dot, Boonen takes green and Gusev has the white.

The mountains start tomorrow.

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