Sep 23, 2007

frog hollow

I rarely buy fruit for the same reason I rarely buy fish. It's just very hard to find a grocer where I can purchase good fruits or fish consistently. For fish it is mainly a storage problem. Fish should be sourced fresh and presented on ice. Each piece of fish should be layered in ice. Generally you find them stacked on one another which breeds bacteria which breeds heat which makes them smell, well... fishy.

Fruit is a sourcing issue. They are either picked too early and allowed to ripen in transit or they are picked at the right time and are manhandled on the way to the grocery.

Frog Hollow Farms is my source for fruit. My theory is I'd rather pay $5 for a great peach than $5 for 5 crappy peaches. Frog Hollow has consistently top quality fruit but you pay through the nose. I belong to their fruit subscription plan where you pay upfront and they send you wonderful fruit throughout the year. As soon as it arrives, we wait the requisite two days for it to fully ripen, and then it is gone within a few days.

Frog Hollow's approach is if the fruit isn't ready, they won't ship it too you. If their fruit sucks, then they'll find it from someone else. This is the kind of approach that works best for me. Most fruits in grocery stores are crunchy. It's hard even in season to buy a peach or a pear that doesn't crunch. That's what Frog Hollow doesn't do. Their fruits are sweet, dribble-down-your-chin juicy, and completely uncrunchy (not mushy either). Right now we're enjoying some Asian pears and Warren pears. They are great. I've had better peaches from some places and better pears from others. But those places aren't consistently better and most of them don't ship. Frog Hollow is consistent. Worth a try if you have trouble sourcing good fruit year round. Anyone with a good source for fish in NY?

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