Sep 28, 2007

ridley scott interview

Wired has a nice interview with Ridley Scott regarding the upcoming release of a Blade Runner boxed set (he was the director). I'm a little confused about something though. Scott says this towards the end of the interview,
And when Roy Batty came out of the phone booth, for some bizarre reason we never noticed that somebody's thumb was in the bottom left-hand corner. The phone booth had an automatic door and I couldn't de-automate it, and I was getting really beaten up 'cause we were up against the gun, so I just shot. And there was the bloody thumb in the frame.
First of all it is Baty not Batty.

Second of all I'm seriously doubting this guy's recall of the events that took place. The scene in question is near the beginning of Blade Runner. Leon and Baty are about to visit Chu and he's making a call. You can clearly see someone's thumb on Roy's shoulder. However I swear this scene is actually a spliced scene from when Roy meets Tyrell later in the movie. This is just before Tyrell is killed by Baty. The thumb scene is the mirror image (it's flipped) of this Tyrell/Baty scene. It's Tyrell's thumb and hand on Baty's shoulder. The lighting in the thumb scene is different from the lighting for all other scenes in the phone booth. The thumb scene was never in the phone booth so how could anyone be holding open a phone booth door as Scott implies?

Anyone out there that can verify this? Or am I the only idiot who has watched this film in such ridiculous detail?

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