Nov 16, 2007

bait & switch

I normally have nothing but nice things to say about but I've never had an order go wrong. Until today. I placed an order for Pandora's Star last week. Hardcover for $7.99. Certainly it looked cheap but I've seen similar deals on Amazon. This page is still up on Amazon by the way.

And of course the package comes today and it's a cheap paperback. Why I didn't assume this is beyond me. So for the first time I need to send something back to Amazon. The first annoying thing about this process is they give you a list of reasons you are returning it.

See the one where its says, "Because we sent you the wrong item"? No me neither. Whatever. I pick "Product is defective" as that seems the closest, pack up the book, print out some return forms, and head over the UPS. It's at this point that I realize I need to spend more than $7.99 to send this thing back.

Checkmate. Amazon wins.

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