Apr 15, 2008

a moment of positive reinforcement

My wife who is very talented and hard working claims she rarely gets positive reinforcement from me. That is probably true. Well she just took a new job as COO of a publicly traded company. I think that's pretty cool for a thirty-something year old who is a mommy of two. Way to go Mrs. Fuzzbang. You rock.


TopFloor said...

Dear Mr. Fuzzbang,

First off, my congratulations as well to Mrs. Fuzzbang.

I found your blog while doing research for a new play about the Bear Stearns crisis, from the point of view of a temp. I am most interested in exploring the relationship between the temp, who is a musician, and the Stearns trader who is the only one to show up for work that day, out of compulsion. It'll be a human story about hopes, risks, and dreams of course - but I'm also going to try to put a lot of economics in there.

As I educate myself, your blog is proving extremely helpful. I'm wondering if, in the future, you would enjoy making yourself available to specific questions as I develop this project. Its very early on, and I am just generally educating myself in the language of finance so I have no specific questions at this time, other than perhaps for references an interested and uninformed person such as myself could find useful for understanding the crisis, and the lifestyle of a trader for Bear.

I am a fledgling Playwright that has had a nice career as an Actor(Coast of Utopia at Lincoln Center, 5 shows at Shakespeare in the Park) who will be starting his Masters Degree in Playwriting. I'm also a D&D vet who mourns the loss of Gary Gygax. My favorite characters are Bjorn Challah, a Lawful Neutral protector of a Barbarian Tribe, and Olan, Son of Dwolan, a Dwarven Monk that fights with two-handed Iron-Forged Wooden Fighting Sticks.


Andrew McGinn

C. Fuzzbang said...

I am open to specific questions. Calculated Risk (http://calculatedrisk.blogspot.com/) is a very good resource for all the craziness going on right now. And an active commenter base to boot.