Sep 6, 2008

eye fi

One of my friends bought me an Eye-Fi for my birthday. It's a SD NAND storage card for cameras that allows your photos to be wirelessly sent to your computer. It saves you having to hook the camera up via cable. It's got a hell of a slick installation process and works as advertised. There are a few problems though.
  1. It doesn't interact with the camera to let it know it is done uploading. For that reason you have to turn off your 'power-saving' feature on your camera so it doesn't turn off during the upload.  If you don't remember, you'll leave you camera on and wear out the battery.  Somewhat problematic but not terribly hard to get around with a litle vigilance
  2. It doesn't upload any movie files.  I take a fair amount so I'm going to have to hook it up with the cable to upload those onto the computer.  This seems like a pointless shortcoming.
However there is one really nice feature that I didn't realize existed.  You must be sure to get the Eye-Fi Explore for this feature.  It geo-tags your photos.  It uses Wi-Fi spots in your area to triangulate.  These can even been private, secured Wi-Fi spots.  It just uses the broadcast signal.  It's quite clever and a nice piece of meta-data addition for your photos.

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