Sep 4, 2008

is it bacon day?

See this is why New York is such a fantastic city.

1. Bacon night at Jimmy's No. 43. That's right. Bacon night. Or rather a bacon tasting paired with a beer tasting. Beer and bacon. Bacon and beer. Come on! No way! That sound you hear is Homer Simpson having a heart attack.

2. Permanent Brunch. Not a concept. Rather a new restaurant that serves brunch all day. Awesome! But it gets better. It will have an 'artisinal bacon bar'. That sound you hear is Homer Simpson's heart exploding.
He promises that Permanent Brunch will offer what must be a first in the city: a bacon list. It will offer bacon dry-cured and wet-cured, hickory smoked and cob smoked, some made by artisans in New England and some from supermarkets.

From the smokehouse in Bremen, Ky., where he makes highly regarded hams and bacons, Charles Gatton Jr. took in the news that a New York chef was offering a bacon list instead of a wine list. “I guess I’m a little shocked at it,” Mr. Gatton said. “But the gentleman, if he plays his cards right, I think it will go well for him.”

Assuming, of course, that Mr. Alevras’s circulatory system is up to the challenge. “In a week or two we’ll have a full-on bacon tasting orgy,” Mr. Alevras said. “It will probably be pretty scary. We’ll taste four or five things and then do a shot of Lipitor.”
For all non-New Yorkers out there, it is perfectly reasonabe to utterly hate me now.

That is all.

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