Jan 10, 2009

house of pane

I don't know how I missed this. The picture above is the Sullivan Street Bakery. And the only adjective to adequately describe the products coming out of this bakery is sublime. The name has popped up on my radar a few times but I've managed to put off going for a while. Primarily because we have a fantastic French bakery run by a crotchety Frenchman in our neighborhood. Last weekend I finally made the detour out to the far west side of Midtown to pick up some bombolinis from there along with an olive loaf.

Immediately after tasting the olive loaf I declared it the best bread I have ever eaten. It wasn't even close. On Friday we had dinner at Irving Mill and immediately on tasting the bread there I said, "is this Sullivan Street Bakery" rhetorically to the waiter. Of course it was. What other bread tastes this good. He confirmed my guess.

And today I picked up another loaf (pugliese) along with a Cuban pressed sandwich and some other treats. Amazingly good. The breads are not only perfectly crispy on the outside but deliciously moist on the inside. It's really a hard duality to attain in bread. And beyond that the bread has this exquisite taste. Their yeast is cultivated from Tuscany and I presume this has a significant influence on the taste. This guy seriously cares about his bread.

Anyway. I would definitely add this to the list of must see/taste stops on any New York's foody tour.

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