Jul 14, 2009

mmmmm burgers

Pat La Frieda to sell burger patties to public. Nice. I think this only applies to NY but perhaps they'll have other distributors. Pat La Frieda basically does one thing in NY; makes custom blended burger patties for restaurants. I can't think of a single top rated burger joint in the city that doesn't use them. Until today the only way to get any of their blends was to go to the restaurants that use them. La Frieda's general approach with burger patties is to use a much higher fat to meat ratio and to use a blend of meat cuts rather than say just chuck. They also tend to use prime beef.

I'm sure it'll be pricey I've been meaning to experiment with making burgers recently and I went so far as to secure a butcher who would make my own customer blends (Lobels). This will make it a little easier.

I think the NY philosophy on burgers is radically different from most others. There are a few key elements.
  • Charbroiling is looked down upon. High heat, flat top griddle cooking is preferred.
  • There is a huge amount of attention paid to the bun. Both the type and the size. Most would say, and I agree, a potato hamburger bun works best. Burger to bun ratios are a hot topic
  • Simplicity in toppings. Adding bacon, weird cheeses and sometimes even ketchup and mustard are frowned upon. A slice of cheese is okay but much more takes away from the burger

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