Aug 25, 2009

burger bliss

I finally got around to trying one of the Pat La Frieda burger patties that is being sold through FreshDirect in NY (see orginal article here). I have one thing to say. Oh my God. This is clearly the way to go when making burgers. A couple of points,
  • NY generally suffers from poor produce that I'm guessing is related to the increased length of time to get food into the city and distributed to an appropriate storage area. I've seen food sit outside on the sidewalk on a hot day for ages in NY. The Frieda burgers are really well packaged and looked remarkably fresh when they were delivered. They were just beautiful looking.
  • There are 3 blends and I chose the beef short rib blend that is highly regarded and sells for a premium. The fat:meat ratio must be close to 30:70. Cooking a patty releases a lot of juices and when I bit into my first, medium rare, patty it literally dripped like a wet sponge
  • I prepared it much like a steak; medium rare on a Lodge griddle with lots of salt seasoning. And I served it plain except for a slice of American cheese. It really doesn't require any ketchup, mustard, onions, etc.
  • It tastes like eating chopped steak as the old commercial goes. Really good succulent juicy beefy steak. The taste is concentrated and intense like a well aged steak. I would say that it tasted better than almost all the other hamburger joints I've frequented.

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