Aug 3, 2009


One of my favorite tech bloggers declares, "Google Chrome is the New Firefox, and Firefox the new IE".

He then goes on to state,
It's funny. Browsers seem to be like Internet companies. Every few years a new, small, faster one comes along to kill off some (or all) of the previous generation. I guess this is just the latest in that constant evolution.
I'm in the same boat. I transitioned from IE to Firefox and now exclusively use Chrome. For me at least what's going on is that the race for features is overlooking the most important feature; stablity and speed. The bells and whistles that IE and Firefox have are nice but I just don't use them enough for them to compensate for the overhead. My greatest concern here is that Google will kow tow to the voices of criticism regarding their browser that it is missing 'must have' features. To me speed and stability are the only 'must have' features.

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