Jan 19, 2010


So I finished up the second round of P90X recently. I didn't see nearly the same amount of progress I saw on the first round. That is to be expected since the first 90 days are enough to get you close to peak performance.

For round three I decided to upgrade to P90X+. Note the "+". The "+" stands for new and improved levels of ass-kickage. There are 4 new discs that replace some of the P90X discs and the schedule is jumbled around. I didn't go through the kind of sore muscle agony that I went through when I first started P90X but the workouts are exhausting. P90X+ takes on a very different structure than P90X in many ways:
  1. The workouts are shorter. Don't let this fool you into thinking they are easier. They are harder.
  2. The workouts are more like the Core Synergistics workout. Each set entails a lot of multi-muscle exercises rather than a focus on a single muscle. P90X generally focused on a single muscle. P90X+ is more intensive and this makes the workouts more cardio and therefore more exhausting.
  3. The 8-10 rep rule for muscle building is rarely used. Rather a time allotment is given for each set. Typically 1 to 1.5 minutes. In theory this will lead to less muscle building. Tony Horton in this set of discs looks less bulky and more proportionally fit.
  4. The P90X+ sets are also characterized by many changes in form. For example for one set the pullups you no longer perform a single grip, maximum rep exercise. Rather, after each pullup you are allowed to touch down and then change your grips. This leads to a higher rep count and a more varied use of muscles.
  5. There is less time spent in warm up and warm down. Many studies seem to show that neither of these do much for you so I'm kind of glad I'm not doing them much anymore.
  6. The structure has changed somewhat. Each week in P90X was a highly varied weight training routine. You never completed the same exercise disc twice. In P90X you do repeat. I like this change as well. It allows you to really focus on improving in a set of exercises. I'm curious how I will progress with this structure.

To be clear. P90X+ workouts decimate me in about 40 minutes. I'm pausing the disc more and after it's done I need to lie down and recuperate. I do not recommend starting here if you are new to the routine.

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