Feb 9, 2010

full of gas

WTF is this article talking about in the NY Times? It claims that Calpine is building the first US power plant with federal limits on greenhouse gas emssions in California. It reads like a pure PR piece. The WTF moments are listed below.
  • Apparently this gas fired plant will produce 50% fewer GHG emissions than the most advanced coal-fired plants. Huh? Pretty much all combined cycle gas-fired plants emit 50% few GHGs than coal-fired plants. There is absolutely no mention of any new technology here. It's your run of the mill combined cycle gas-fired turbine.
  • Calpine promotes the project as a way to provide backup power for intermittent renewables like wind and solar. And then goes on to say the plants wil be run as baseload generation. Either you are a peaking plant (run intermittently) or a baseload plant (run all the time). You really can't be both. Power plants don't "go to 11" when you're running full bore.

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