Feb 1, 2010


Oddly, after getting my latest point & shoot camera, I'm taking less picture than ever before. By an order of magnitude. Subconciously I'm not even interested in taking photographs anymore. I have to remind myself to do it. The reason for that is the quality of the video on the camera is so good (Lumix ZS3) that videos represent a better way to capture moments.

My particular use-case is geared toward moment capturing. I suspect most camera owners fall into two buckets: capture moments and artistic. I'm sure those who are interested in photography as a creative outlet won't change their behavior. But the 'moment capturers' I think will slowly move over to video over time. In my case the moment capturing is all about my kids. And video is just so much more satisfying than photographs at taking me back to particular moments.

The ordeal to get the video into a final form and to get it on a distribution medium is less than ideal. iMovie 9 is fairly slick and easy to use to package the raw video. It still takes a while but it is fun to use. Online video sites and converting into a format that can be used by a few of my hardware devices is good but also a little time consuming. But I see both these activities being more and more automated over time. There are even some online video sites that can take movies and pictures and automagically create fairly slick packaged video and host the results.

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