Mar 1, 2010

four eyes

I'm writing this post to bookmark this company more than anything else - Warby Parker.  I just love companies like this.  They sell eyeglasses.  I don't even wear eyeglasses.  But this company is looking to shake things up a bit.  How are they doing that?
  • Their frames are cheap.  Why on earth should well designed frames cost so much?  It's just plastic.  They offer frames plus prescriptions lenses for less than $100 from what I can tell.  That's a good price.  More on their product here and here.
  • As cheap as they are, they donate one additional pair of glasses to  I can get behind that.
  • The have a "free pledge".  Free shipping.  Free returns.  And get this great idea - They'll send you 5 frames without the lenses so you can try them on.  After you decide on a pair, you send them back and they'll fit the frames in the one of your choice and mail it back.  Free.  How awesome is that?
They don't sell sunglasses yet but it sounds like they will.

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