Mar 9, 2010

sandra lee

I'm actually going to go there.  Sandra Lee.  Making the rounds right now because of a funny YouTube video,

I had a good laugh. And in general Sandra Lee is the target of a constant barrage of hateful press. Just do a search for "I hate Sandra Lee". And it's not hard to find the source of all this vitriol. She generally cooks really bad food by most foodie standards. 70% of the ingredients are pre-made foods. But I'm going to do something here. I'm going to stick up for her. Here are my points:

  • She FUCKING cooks. Meaning she actually shows you how to cook foods. Food Network, in my estimate, can go to hell. It used to be a great station... when people fucking showed you how to cook food. Now it's all reality show, all the time and hyperbole. I personally blame Iron Chef for all of this. That's another blog post though. Sure she cooks badly by foodie standards. But then again, like Chris Rock said in response to the comments of a bunch of balding white male senators, "It's not for you."
  • She comes from a rough background. Mom divorced twice and suffered from depression and medical ailments. Ms. Lee had to take care of her mom and her 4 (count 'em four) younger siblings. I can kind of relate to why she cooks what she does. It's what she knows.
  • She's more successful that you or I will ever be. She has sold 16 books with some of them on the NY Times Bestseller list. She has her own cooking show. She's dating Andrew Cuomo. She used to be married to the CEO of KB Homes. She won a Emmy.
So lay off.

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