May 26, 2010

don't boycott bp

We've seen this before. Boycott a company because of something horrible they've done. Unfortunately in this case boycotting buying gas from BP won't do squat.  Mainly because BP gas stations aren't owned by BP and because they don't necessarily sell BP gas anyway.

Here's a better idea.  Take some ownership of the idea that BP is drilling because you demand oil.  Therefore boycott your damn car.  Boycott the idea that we don't have a comprehensive energy policy in this country by calling your representatives. And boycott the idea that others, in other countries, should be the ones creating energy sources for us and then suffer the frequent environmental disasters that go hand in hand with that production.

In a way I'm happy about the Gulf oil spill.  It should bring home the very real consequences of our enormous appetite for oil.


Iron Yuppie said...

Me too! All this harm was being distributed so thinly across the environment, at least now we can see what the impact of our consumption brings in one nice neat package. Of course, this will not change anything. Not one iota.

C. Fuzzbang said...

You are right of course. Only $6/gallon gas will do it. Go taxes!