Jun 25, 2010

can you hear me now

Like I said in the previous post I'm having zero reception issues on my iPhone 4.  But I thought this article in the NY Times was funny.  Towards the end they quote Brian Lam saying that "he had not been able to use older iPhones to make calls from his home.  That changed on Thursday after he bought an iPhone 4.  'I have made three hours of calls today."

Now why is that funny?  Because yesterday Brian Lam made a video using iMovie on the iPhone 4.  I presume (but do not have any hard data) it was taken in his apartment.  And at 0:21 into the video you see this white contraption on a desk.

What is it? The guy is sporting an AT&T 3G Microcell mini celluar tower in his home. That'd be why he's getting great phone reception.  Lulz.


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