Jun 13, 2010


Pronounced "tah-eem".  Another must visit restaurant in New York.  Their specialty is falafel.  Now falafel is not something I really like.  It's usually dry.  The pita it comes in is dry.  And the tahini sauce is chalky and pasty.  But Taim's is remarkable.  It's all made fresh when you order (including the pita).  It's not dry and flavorless at all.  The pita is also sprinkled with olive oil and Za'atar and could be eaten plain they are so yummy. The falafel comes in three flavors,
  • Green - traditional made with parsley, cilantro, and mint
  • Red - made with roasted red pepper
  • Harissa- made with Tunisian spices (mild kick to it)
If I were vegetarian this would be my weapon of choice.  It's mouth wateringly good.  The stuff cravings are built from.  I get a Taim attack once a month.  The store is diminutive and acts mainly as a take out vehicle.

The thing to order is the falafel platter which goes for $10; a crazy good deal in New York. One pita, 3 falafel balls of each of the 3 flavors sitting on top of hummus, tabouli salad, a cucumber/tomato salad, and 3 crazy good sauces including a tahini that won't invoke your gag reflex. In the words of my friend who just went,
I am speechless. That was fucking unbelievably good.

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