Jun 29, 2010

video and imovie on the iphone 4

I personally take many more videos than pictures with all my photographic equipment.  So I was particularly interested in the movie capture and movie editing features on the new iPhone 4.  As a test I shot some footage recently and edited it on the iPhone.  I took video under a number of conditions; areas where it was well lit, areas where it was dark, and areas where there were well lit spots and poorly lit spots.  I also used the upload feature to get the video onto YouTube which causes the file to be compressed.  At some point I'll add the uncompressed file for comparison.  It does seem noticeable on first blush.  The result is below.

This was uploaded from the iPhone (i.e., it was compressed)

This was uploaded from a computer (uncompressed)

In general it is a fairly weak substitute for even a point and shoot.  The colors are washed out as has been shown in other examples.  Depending on where you focus your shot it doesn't handle shots with a wide range of contrasts, and worst of all the camera has zero stabilization.  The video is very shaky considering most of these shots were taken under optimal conditions; namely I had something to rest the iphone on and I had enough time to take long shots to make sure I was steady.  It's pretty unacceptable compared to my Lumix ZS3 which has smoking stabilization plus I can feed it into iMovie on the Mac to further stabilize the shot.  I probably won't use it for anything important but I'll use it in a pinch.

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