Jul 6, 2010

da best foo

Funny Wendy's restaurant review joke that is ongoing.
This place is BAWLIN' yo. Chicken nuggitz be crispy like you never SEEN. I tasted one and I was like "WHAAAAT! Are you serious Wendy?" Mean girls workin the friers, tho. This one chick wouldn't even let me holla. I was like "please you ugly anyway."
And this clever retort.
This place is upbeat and enjoyable. You will find that the chicken nuggets are amongst the crispiest that you have ever tasted. I sampled one and exclaimed "Pardon me Wendy, but I can't help but feel that you're being facetious". The ladies tending to the deep-fry machines are, however, quite disagreeable. I tried to court one in particular but she rejected my advances. I tried to save face by declaring "I don't really mind, your appearance unsettles me as it is".

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