Jul 23, 2010

that f*$^#ing line

Those of you who use Microsoft Word must have run into this.  If you ever type a few dashes in a row, Word will change it to a line across the entire document.  Not a bad thing in and of itself.  I usually let it do just that.  The problem is if you need to remove it.  Basically impossible.  Well I had to get rid of one tonight. and lo and behold tons of Google responses.

Check it.

Here's why it's so annoying.  It's not a line.  It's a border.  As if you were dealing with a 1 column, 0 row table that has a black border.  Deleting it directly is impossible because there is nothing to delete.

To get rid of it?  Select the area it is around and then use the table border tool (the one you use to prettify tables) and choose none.

See below.  Click on the picture for a bigger one.

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