Sep 21, 2010

roller disco

So as alluded to in a previous post I did in fact pick up Goldfrapp's Head First album. And along with her other work it helps cement her as pretty much the most interesting woman in music today (in my opinion). A musical chameleon. A intellectual version of Lady Gaga. Not to mention she's crazy good looking. The remarkable thing about Head First is it is a total tongue-in-cheek riff on 1980s era peppy music sung exclusively by women. Think Pat Benetar, ABBA, Irene Cara, Melissa Manchester, Laura Branigan, Olivia Newton John, Kim Carnes, Giorgio Moroder, etc. In fact it's got a decidedly "Jane Fonda workout video" vibe to it - leg warmers, jump suits, Top Gun, frosted blonde hair, Footloose.  Not the type of raw material that promising albums are made from. So tongue-in-cheek that it's hard to tell she's joking. I guess even I'm not sure she's joking.  It could be a love letter to her early influences.

But here's the thing. It doesn't matter. These songs are really good. I mean really good. This is probably her most interesting album to date.

You can view some songs below  (last two are unembeddable and a pre-rolled ad before the video).

and here

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