Oct 10, 2010

kindle redux

So I scored more free electronics today.  The new Kindle.  I've read the reviews and was pretty much expecting a smaller, lighter version of the previous Kindle. That much is true.  Neils Bohr once said,
Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.
I'll borrow that and say that anyone who is not amazed by the new kindle hasn't seen it.  What the reviews don't drive home is that the new screen is something to behold.  Rather than me wax about how realistic and paper-like it is, I'll leave you with this.  After I removed the protective backing I turned the Kindle over and removed the protective paper sticker on the front.  But I couldn't quite see where the edges of the protective front were.  I kept lightly scratching my nails along the surface to feel the edges.  But I couldn't feel them. It dawned on me after a minute of this futile activity that there was no protective front.  I was looking at the screen.  It really does look like paper now.  It's extremely crisp and the "ink" feels like it's on top of the e-ink glass, not under it.  I will be reading tonight.

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