Nov 1, 2010

deboning a chicken

Wow! Totally doing this next weekend.


  • Not as easy as he makes it look; not as hard as you think it might be
  • Making meat lollipops is a little harder than you'd expect.  I had a tough time getting the joint to break and to get the bones to pop through the skin.  They were a little too flexible.  The final product was less a spherical lollipop and more a oblong thingamajig with pieces sticking out.  We'll see what the kids make of it.
  • Removing the main skin/meat coat from the carcass is easy except when you have a broken carcass.  When the chassis is in parts, those parts come off when you're tearing away.  I needed to go back in and cut those out
  • Removing the drumstick bones was both easier and hard.  The scraping is easy although I managed to get a few nicks.  The cutting around the articulation was trickier.  I wasn't sure how far down to cut
  • Removing the fillets wasn't as easy.  They basically came apart into a few pieces as I tried to remove.  Not a big problem though.
I suspect some of these problems are related to the quality of the chicken and how fresh it is.  Although I used a Dartagnan. Although raised well, I'm not sure how fresh (frozen?) those are and if it makes a difference.

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