Dec 13, 2010


Remarkable. There is a blog devoted entirely to the clothing worn in James Bond films.

Of most interest are the posts on Dr. No which probably gives you a good basis for Bond's clothing choices. In summary,
  • Shirts are Turnbull & Asser with a spread collar. I can vouch for how nice these are. I have a few; NY has a store on 57th. They are pricey but will last forever. I'm lucky in that their off the shelf version fits met perfectly. The custom are mind bogglingly expensive.  I've never seen the 2-button turnback wrist cuff he uses so it must be a custom choice.  It's probably more high maintenance than the 3 button barrel that is standard.
  • Ties are Turnbull & Asser.
  • Suit jackets are two-button with jetted pockets rather than a flap and double vents in the back.
  • Suit trousers are double forward pleated.  Most trousers have a reverse pleat.  Forward pleats are folded towards the zipper rather than away. It's a much cleaner look.  And they have three button Daks tops which is an adjusting mechanism for the pant waist rather than belt loops.  Typically this is done with a buckle mechanism but Bond uses buttons.

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