Jan 11, 2011

knife wrapping reverse engineering

I took my knives to be sharpened recently at Korin in NY. It's a Japanese knife store. I could go on about their $1,000 sushi blades but that's for another time. Instead I'll talk about their sharpening service. The knife sharpener sits inside this odd glass cage while he works making it seem like you are in a zoo. Regardless he does a great job. And they also offer free classes which is something I might do at some point.

What I noticed when I got knives back was that he elegantly solved a problem I've had with transporting knives. In particular how do you wrap them so the knives stay protected. When I've wrapped them they always come out of the newspaper sleeve I make. He overcame this problem by taking advantage of the lip of the knife where it meets the tang. See below (Pic #1):

How does he do this? He does this during the initial wrapping by placing the blade at an angle to the newspaper sheet. First wrapping up the bottom edge (Pic #2) and then wrapping over the left side (Pic #3) to secure the knife. He then rolls the knife up in the rest of the newspaper.  Clever.

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