Jan 7, 2011

you suck

Our nanny brought in a friend's Blackberry today saying that the thing was locked and could I figure out how to unlock it? She knows I'm reasonably adept with techy things. So I take the phone and figure it will take me all of 2 minutes to figure it out at the worst.

10 minutes later I was beginning to think I had lost my mind.

All the Google searches showed up information that I should simply click the unlock button. Okay. Looked all around the phone and no unlock button.

Reading a little more I realize it's on the top left. Okay. Looked at the top left and no unlock button. Must be another model. Here take a look for yourself.

So I go online and look for a Blackberry user manual. I find it. I download all 325!!!! pages of it. I'm usually upset when companies short change their manuals but over 200 and you know you are doing something wrong.

Well I'll find the answer in here I thought.

No. No diagram or any real information about unlocking other than sentences saying to unlock it before performing this task. Gee thanks.

At this point with all the fumbling around with the phone I suddenly realize it is unlocked. I really am going crazy.

Realizing I had unlocked it accidentally I started pushing buttons haphazardly. All the while noting to myself how poorly it is made because the top part of it was loose.

At some point I accidentally figured it out. The unlock was the entire top of the phone which rocks to the left. In fact if you go back to the picture you can see an extremely faint icon on the top left of, wait for it, an unlocked padlock. So faint I had to get under direct light and squint. This is why the top part felt loose.

What kind of crazy design is this for an unlock button? It's indistinguishable from the phone chassis. It's poorly labeled. And worst of all doesn't this seem like an easy-to-bump spot for a keyboard unlock button?

I'll leave it to the reader to decide who sucks here. There may be more than one answer.

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