Feb 8, 2011

the hat makes the man

I like baseball caps. When I grew up in England they were about the most American things in the world along with mailboxes and cheeseburgers. And I liked American things. I still wear a baseball cap fairly frequently. It used to be a plain red one until a sharpei got his teeth onto it. Now it's a NY Yankees cap. Mainly because I like their logo and dark blue. In reality I am apathetic about baseball and most sports and if I do I generally like underdogs and despise teams that buy their way to the top. In other words I don't really like the Yankees.

Which is funny because I get about a comment a day when I have the hat on. As I'm going into stores and grabbing coffee. They naturally think I like the team and that I'm a big supporter.
Hey Mr. Yankee!
I always get a little scared about this because I know next to nothing about the team.
How about that (insert some player's name) leaving huh?
I never know what to say. Should I explain I just like the logo. I generally think this might be bad because I'm sure to piss off someone with that comment. So then what am I left with?
What did you think of that bonehead play last night huh?
I'm not a particularly good bullshitter. But maybe I should embrace this. Just really get into it a little.
What was the score last night?
That sounds a little dangerous too. I'm not sure how to approach this one...

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