Mar 15, 2011

interesting obit

Owsley Stanley

  • Chemist (Made LSD in quantity for Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and others and made the acid used by Ken Kesey for his Acid Tests)
  • Has a high quality LSD named after him ("Owsley")
  • Financial backer for Grateful Dead
  • Co-designed the Grateful Dead's skull and lightning bolt logo
  • Both the Grateful Dead (Alice D. Millionaire) and Steely Dan (Kid Charlemagne) wrote songs about him.
  • Sound engineer praised for developing hi-fi sound at live concerts
  • Moved to Australia to avoid what he thought would be an apocalyptic ice age in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Professional ballet dancer
  • US Air Force member
  • Father was a congressman, governor of Kentucky and US senator (who fought Prohibition)
  • Expelled in 9th grade for furnishing alcohol to other students
  • Early Atkins adherent - Only ate meat (no vegetables, fruits, or anything else)
  • Spent 2 years in jail for drugs
  • Learned metalwork and jewelry making in prison

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