Mar 21, 2011

leaking into the sea

Bloomberg has an article out titled, "Nuclear Plant's Fuel Rods Damaged, Leaking into Sea" (no I'm not linking to this piece of shit article). WTF people. What a disingenuous article title. Have we not progress over these last few days to get our basic fucking physics correct or are they being purposely obtuse. If the fuel rods were "leaking" into the sea they'd have to be rolling down the hill or melted corium dripping down the hill. TEPCO said fuel rods were damaged and releasing material that is contaminating the air and sea. That's different from what "leaking" implies.

No. What's happening is the volatile isotopic elements are coming out in either the steam, smoke or both. That stuff is settling into the ocean and they are picking it up in their readings. The concern here is that it gets on a piece of algae and then a small fish eats that algae and next thing you know your hamachi & hirame chirashi is fucking glowing. Not good.

Ironically it'd be best if they were rolling down the hill into the sea because you know what the sea is? A giant spent fuel rod cooling pool that will never boil dry. Plus water is so good at shielding radiation that that stuff wouldn't emit an iota of radiation (to people or fish) until they went back in there to fish them out. And I'm pretty sure the fish aren't interested in big long fuel rods as an appetizer. Rolling into the sea would be a best case scenario.

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