Mar 19, 2011

things are looking up

Things have been kind of quiet on the news front lately with respect to Japan. But that's probably a good sign that our disaster happy media doesn't have much to write about.

  • Power regained at reactors 1 & 2. This should allow them to gain full measurement and control capabilities and then focus on cooling.
  • Sprayers doused reactor 3's cooling pool, the temp is below 100C and they noted a decreasing dose rate near that reactor. However the reactor is not fairing as well and it is likely they will need to vent to reduce pressure.
  • Holes were made in the outer buildings of reactors 5 & 6 to reduce likelihood of hydrogen explosions and cooling of the spent fuel pools is back online. Temps are around 60C.
  • Unclear what is going on with 4. But clearly power is available nearby. Perhaps the spent fuel pool cooling system is intact in that building and can be operated soon.

If things keep progressing like this hopefully Japan can soon focus on the real disaster. 7,200 deaths, nearly 11,000 people still unaccounted for, many homeless, and in many places nonexistent basic infrastructure.

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