May 26, 2011


Patrick McHenry, a US Representative for North Carolina, is getting his ass handed to him on Facebook.  The reason?  He publicly accused Elizabeth Warren, who will head the new U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of lying to Congress and then again called her a liar during a meeting for something else. During the meeting he was berated by a colleague for his lack of decorum. Turns out he was wrong about her lying in the second case (and probably the first although I have no data on that) yet refused to apologize.

If there is one person I suspect is not utterly in the back pocket of the financial lobby it would be Elizabeth Warren.  She's about the only person who seems to not give a shit about them and supports protections for average consumers.  You can bet that Patrick McHenry has some motive to behave this way...

Oh. And since his Facebook page has been this way for a few days I'm going to assume he is incompetent at basic marketing as well.

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