Jun 27, 2011

game of the century

I think even non-chess players can appreciate the genius behind this game. It's a walkthrough with commentary of the match between Bobby Fisher and Donald Byrne; referred to as the Game of the Century. Of note,
  1. Bobby Fisher was 13 years old.
  2. Byrne is no slouch.
  3. The first noteworthy move in my mind is right at 8:00. Pause and try to figure it out. I didn't. It's a mind bogglingly creative move. Stunning forethought which the commentary will lead you through.
  4. The second one is at 15:40.

After that it's hard not to feel the frustration that Byrne must have felt. He must have been pretty sure in his head that he was going to win and yet it turns into an utter slaughter.

Did I mention he was 13? WTF.

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