Jun 6, 2011

mud pie

Lots of media articles on how the German e. coli outbreak was caused by Spanish cucumbers. Oops. Guess not. Actually it was German bean sprouts. People in the know agreed it was definitely bean sprouts because they are always contaminated. Oops. Guess not.

In case the big picture gets lost here with all of this flip flopping, let me spell out what you already know.

You have no clue how clean the produce is that you eat at restaurants and buy at grocery stores.

I don't really care what caused the outbreak other than curiosity. Assume all your vegetables have been caked in infected manure.

People were sure that bean sprouts were the culprit because they have been linked to tons of unpublicized cases of food poisoning and led to one of the largest caes (Japan) ever. It's ironic that such a symbolic vegetable (healthy, vegetarian, raw) is probably one of the most dangerous due to the factory-like meat industry. My guess is they are a problem because they are hard to clean and are always served raw. Their presence in grocery stores may be limited.

Wash your vegetables and cook them.

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