Jun 27, 2011

more extremerer

For those interested, P90X 2 is due out later this year. I'm midway through another round of the original P90X and I am looking forward to some new stuff. There's a new promo video below that doesn't give away too much.

Is it harder? Looks like it. But then again they are probably just showing the hardcore stuff for marketing purposes. The only thing I have heard is that this one will focus more on stabilization muscles which means it's going to have you performing exercises in relatively precarious positions.  Not precarious in a dangerous sense but precarious in you will fall over sense. The idea being the more precarious it is the more you'll tighten up lots of additional muscles. So you'll see things like pushups done on top of balls. I have to say it looks like loads of fun.

The other obvious difference is the use of a lot of additional equipment.  staffs, medicine balls, instability balls, push up bars.  I'm sure there will be P90X branded equipment on their site to take advantage of that selling opportunity.  So be it.  It's all a good investment.

The one thing I hope they don't do is make it too slick.  There was something appealing about home video quality of the originals and the fact they didn't use professional gym people but rather 'grads' from the class. P90X Plus which was an add-on had what seemed like professionals and it suffered as a result. I want the guy with a prosthetic leg like the original plyo disc has.

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