Jul 1, 2011


The Tour de France starts on Saturday. I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm watching it this time around. I might peek at the results of some stages but the sport has devolved into an absurd state of affairs. I can't think of a sport or organization that is run more poorly, haphazardly, and more bewilderingly than cycling. It's bewildering. The system is reminiscent of Kafka's The Trial. When doping is suspected it's unclear who is in charge, who makes decisions about that rider and if the rider will be punished.

Take Contador, the current TdF favorite. He's won the 2007, 2009, 2010 tours. In 2010 he tested positive for clenbuturol, a performance enhancer, DURING the 2010 tour.  He was suspended and then cleared by the SPANISH Cycling Federation.  Yes Alberto is Spanish.  Why did the SCF rule on this?  I have no clue. Now the decision is being reviewed by The Court of Arbitration for Sport. And the hearing is scheduled for August 1-3 after the race is completed. You could be cheering on someone who then is suspended from participating after the fact. It's bizarre.

It takes almost all the fun out of this great sport.

More here in the NY Times.

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