Jul 5, 2011

nutritional wisdom

I love this bit of nutritional advice from my daughter's gymnastics class
Your gymnast will have a snack break for 5 minutes during their workout. Please pack a small, light snack for your gymnast each day she comes to workout. This will help maintain her energy level and promote healthy eating habits. Great snacks are low/no salt crackers/pretzels, veggies, fruit. During summer we recommend avoiding dairy which may sour in their stomach or meat products which are too heavy. [...] We also request avoiding sugary snacks which end up causing a "crashing" effect.
No salt crackers now promote healthy eating habits. Interesting. Sugary snacks are to be avoided because of a crashing effect yet pretzels which metabolize into sugars in your digestive system don't. Fruit is okay even though the sugars are identical to high fructose corn syrup once your saliva's sucrase cracks a single bond.  Advice duly noted.

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cosi said...


reminded me of the preacher in the south who is promoting fighting obesity with fruit. Should we tell him stick to the porkchops?