Sep 7, 2011

fat camps and diabetes

Fat camp shows China battling the bulge:

While the fat camp thing has been published before I missed the little tidbit in this article that diabetes has increased to almost 7% of the population in China. I checked and the numbers are real.

Chinese with Diabetes:
2000 - 20.8 million (source: WHO)
2010 - 90.4 million (source: NEJM)

I'm not sure about that 2000 number.  But the 2010 number is a big sample and uses the gold standard for testing for diabetes. Not only that but 150 million are estimated at risk of diabetes. I have to imagine that the Chinese diet on average is still better than the US so the fact that the diabetes percentages are getting close suggests again that Asians unfortunately have a disposition towards diabetes.

As you can guess it's a rich persons disease in China. The poor eat unprocessed foods and the rich get to down fast and junk foods. And when I say processed I mean high carb.

It's going to be interesting to see how the government addresses this. If they adopt the US "low-fat" approach things are going to get dramatically worse.

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