Jan 24, 2012

the bacon of shoes

I posted a while back about some research I had done on the minimalist shoe movement and how I kind of bought into the entire thing. Namely shoes should really have wider toe-boxes and little to no heel support. I almost exclusively wear minimalist shoes now and what minor issues I had with my feet are largely gone. At the time I was trying out the Vibram Five Fingers which I still contend are a great pair of shoes.

Quite frankly though VFFs are just too conspicuous. So I hunted around for some alternatives and ended up trying the Merrell Trail Gloves. To say I love these shoes is an understatment. I now own 3 pairs and unless the occasion calls for something more formal they are on my feet. The toe box is huge. Which is good. I actually wear a pair of orthotic toe spreaders inside which as the name suggests spreads your toes out. The heel is very thin, the shoes are washable, and they breathe well so they don't get stinkified like the VFFs. And oddly these are the only pair of shoes that I get complements on. And you can use them anywhere. I use them to work out, hike, and stroll in the city.

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