Mar 14, 2012

till Md(Md+2)^2 do us part

Interesting graphic from the NY Times on celebrity marriages and an algorithm that can be used to determine the probability of divorce.

The key drivers in the algorithm are funny,

  • Age - The older the combined age of both partners the better
  • Pre-marriage dating length - The longer the better
  • Google image search for wife - The less 'scantily-clad photos' the better
  • Ratio of New York Times to National Enquirer search results for the wife
  • Time - The longer you've been married the more likely to divorce
What's funny is the algorithm includes two specific 'wife parameters' that loosely measure the wife's notoriety and sleaze factor.  Interestingly there's no similar parameters or really any unusual parameters about the husbands.

Bottom line suggests dating a long time, wait until you're older, don't marry women your mom wouldn't be proud of.

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