Jun 17, 2013

artist's lair

I've been a big fan of Casey Neistat's home grown (also punky/gonzo) videos for a long time. I blatantly copy his ideas in my own home movies over and over. He is very creative. And I'm jealous of that because I'm not at all creative. I'm just good at copying. I'm like a video cover band.

But I'm just slightly more jealous of his workshop. I just want to hang out in his workshop and touch things. It has this bizarre blend of functionality and aesthetics that I think is very hard to replicate. An interior designer could never come up with it. And a total gear head could never come up with it. It's a combination of both abilities that Neistat has. What is worse is that you only catch glimpses of his workshop here and there in his videos.

Until now...

Gizmodo is doing a 2-part series JUST on his workshop. I guess I'm not the only one infatuated with it.

Here's part 1. I'll post part 2 when it comes up. Aaaand there's a part 3 too.

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