Jun 23, 2013


This video is an interesting contrast with the previous video I posted of an old man and his old piano.

This girl is clearly talented. To my admittedly non-musical ears this is almost indistinguishable from Eddie's album version. It's a tough piece to play but she is spot on. And a lot of people in the comments are clearly impressed.

But what's also interesting in this piece is that she just doesn't look happy. In fact she doesn't look happy in any of her videos. And she has a few over the years as she has progressed. The old man had joy from playing. I'd hate to think this girl has none when she has to perform like this. That would be sad.

In addition she just does covers. She has no original pieces. I'm curious if her parents have just drilled this repetitive excellence into her. With those kind of playing chops why hasn't she written some pieces and posted those? I bet you she could come up with something amazing. My daughter is learning to play guitar too and I'm a little hesitant to show her this. Because I don't want her to mimic a bunch of other songs. That's part of learning of course. But I want her to keep learning to play AND to keep trying to write songs (which she adorably does on mother's day as a present).

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