Jun 12, 2013

miles and miles

Funny article on a blind listening test Miles Davis did of other jazz players. Classic classic Miles.

TL:DR - He hates everyone.
On Eric Dolphy's "Mary Ann"
"That's got to be Eric Dolphy. Nobody else could sound that bad! The next time I see him I'm going to step on his foot. You print that. I think he's ridiculous. He's a sad motherfucker."
On Duke Ellington's "Caravan" (with Mingus and Roach)
"What am I supposed to say to that? That's ridiculous. You see the way they can fuck up music? It's a mismatch. They don't complement each other. [...]Duke can't play with them, and they can't play with Duke. Now how are you going to give a thing like that some stars? Record companies should be kicked in the ass. Somebody should take a picket sign and picket the record company."
On Clark Terry's "Cielito Lindo"
"Clark Terry right? You know I've always liked Clark. But this is a sad record. Why do they make records like that. With the guitar in the way and that sad fucking piano player.
And yet he loves
Getz-Gilbert's "Desafinado"
"Gilberto and Getz made an album together? Stan plays good on that. I like Gilberto. I'm not particularly crazy aobut just anybody's bossa nova. I like the samba. And I like Stan because he has so much paitence the way he plays those melodies; other people can't get nothing out of a song but he can. As for Gilberto, he could read a newspaper and sound good! I'll give that one five stars.

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