Jun 24, 2013

more cool shit you never knew

So turns out that Saturn has a hexagonal structure on its north pole. I can see why no one alerted me to this because who gives a crap. Instead we learn state capitals in school.

Well here it is. Pretty cool huh? Normally these types of photos are artificially colored and I'm sure this one is no exception. And I'm guessing this was taken by Cassini (aka the gift that keeps on giving).

What happens when they looked in closer? Yea, basically an enormous hurricane. The eye alone is 1,250 miles across. Awesome. Just awesome. Why this happens they don't know yet.

And while I'm here I'll leave you with two gorgeous movies made from Cassini and Voyager footage (the music in the movies is Cinematic Orchestra's "That Home" and Nine Inch Nail's "Ghost I" respectively.

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