Sep 4, 2013

asians and metabolic syndrome

I've mentioned before there is a lot of data to suggest that Asians are actually at higher risk for metabolic syndrome symptoms than other races. Asians seem to not exhibit as much obesity (subcutaneous fat) but other symptoms such as diabetes and potentially internal organ fat (visceral fat).

And now we're seeing it happen.


A nationwide survey in China shows diabetes rates at 11.6% versus 11.3% for the U.S. And they are exhibiting diabetes at much lower BMI (23.7 vs. 28.7 respectively). In other words the one external factor that suggests you might have metabolic syndrome is not something many Chinese will actually see. I've heard doctors find skinny patients to be the worst because they all assume they are healthy.

It will be interesting to see how the Chinese government addresses this. Perhaps they will get the correct policies in place since Coca Cola and Nestle's aren't Chinese companies.

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