Sep 10, 2013

body experiment - phase 1

So I thought I would write a little about a little experiment I'm doing. I wouldn't call it a health experiment even though I think perhaps that is a part of it. It's more of a body experiment because I'm focused on measurements of my body.

In the past I've both worked out and controlled my diet to remove the unsightly effects of being in my mid-40s. This time I'm separating them. The reason I want to separate them is because diet affects fat (hopefully) and working out affects muscles. And they both go in separate directions meaning you can't tell what is really going on.

The first thing I'm doing is modifying my diet. And at this time simply using weight and to some extent physical appearance as a gauge.

My diet as you'd expect is effectively a variant on low carb. In my case I would call it VLCVHF (a play on the LCHF diets). In other words.

  • Insanely low carb intake - less than 10g per day usually
  • Insanely high fat intake - somewhere around 80% of the food I eat is fat.
  • No exercise
  • No counting calories - eat when hungry, don't when you aren't

Yes I think this is healthy and no I don't think I'll keel over with a heart attack. I've been doing this now for about 3 months. I actually haven't kept track because the amount of time is irrelevant to me. 

So far the results are as I would have expected. Basically the fat keeps coming off. To the point now that I'm at a weight (171lbs) that is lighter than what I remember in high school. I think there are maybe another 3 lbs that could come off but I'm not sure if that will happen. I'll probably run this diet for another 3 months to see if it stabilizes or drops more. Body-wise I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm a little thinner than I'd like to be. I'm more swimmer physique than wide receiver as a result of not bulking up. 

The biggest problem until now for me is how to do this consistently. For me at least the answer has been cheese and avocados. My diet basically is,

  • Snacks such as cheese, avocados with olive oil, cold cuts, some nuts
  • Fried cheese and bacon bits (yes you read that correctly) for lunch
  • Fatty meat and a vegetable for dinner

That's about it. It's really "eggless omelette" that saves me because it is insanely delicious and I don't get tired of it. Basically I purchase a large bag of shredded cheese and a bag of bacon bits from Costco each week and fry it in a non-stick pan and roll it up into an omelette. I eat this every day and I am not even close to getting sick of it.

Unlike my other attempts at low carb this one has been easy. Very few sugar cravings. The occasional dabbling with starchy snacks in very small quantities (e.g., potato chips, hash browns).

Once another 3 months have gone by or my weight stabilizes I'll add a working out routine. Currently I'm thinking it won't be P90X but rather a quick high intensity Tabata-like workout. But that is yet to come.

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